3 Rowing Machines that Fit Under a Bed…

Do you want to use an indoor rower at home – but you don’t have much space? Well, I found a rowing machine that fits under a bed. In fact, I found 3.

Need a Rowing Machine that Fits Under a Bed? Here are 3 that Do

Note: To be frank, you give up a lot of nice features that rowing machines have, like advanced workout trackers, comfort and durability. However, you can still get a full-body, low-impact, cardio workout at home. Plus, you can slide your rowing machine under your bed and essentially hide it.

Of course, the height of the space underneath your bed will determine which rowers can fit there. So, the taller your bed frame is, the more options you have.

1. A Hydraulic Rowing Machine that Fits Under a Bed:

First, GYMAX makes a hydraulic rowing machine with a height of 7.5″ tall when folded flat. This is a convenient, compact rower that only weighs 30 lbs and costs less than $200. It doesn’t require electrical power, so you can use it outdoors. Plus, it doesn’t make a lot of noise.

However, the GYMAX is not designed for large or tall people, the monitor has limited capabilities and the machine is not as durable. If you want to try out rowing to see if you like it or simply want a piece of home workout equipment that you use occasionally, this machine may work for you. On the other hand, if you want to use it long-term, you may not get your money’s worth.

  1. Ergonomic Comfort: Many users find the GYMAX Hydraulic Rowing Machine to be relatively comfortable due to its padded seat and handlebars. However, individual comfort can vary based on personal preferences and body types.
  2. Stability During Exercise: Some users report that the GYMAX feels stable during regular use, but others might find it less balanced, especially during more intense workouts.
  3. Noise Level: Users often mention that hydraulic rowers produce minimal noise during operation. However, your might still notice slight noise from the hydraulic pistons or seat movement while rowing.

2. Full Motion Indoor Rower Slides Under Bed with 12″ Clearance:

Second, you can get the Sunny Health & Fitness Full Motion Rower. It measures approximately 11.5″ tall when folded, so your bed will need to have at least 12″ clearance.

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Rower Fits Under Bed for Storage

This machine has a similar design to the GYMAX, and it works on a hydraulic resistance system. However, it can hold up to 350 lbs of weight (vs 270 lbs of the GYMAX).

The LCD monitor again has limited capabilities (you can track your time, calories and stroke count). On the other hand, this rower has 12 different levels of resistance and a comfortable padded seat.

  1. Ergonomic Comfort: Many users find the Sunny Health and Fitness Full Motion Rowing Machine to be relatively comfortable due to its padded seat and handlebars. In addition, the full-motion design allows for a more natural range of motion.
  2. Stability During Exercise: Most people feel that the Sunny provides adequate stability for its price. However, you might find that the full-motion design feels less steady compared to other types of rowing machines, particularly during intense workouts.
  3. Noise Level: This rowing machine tends to produce minimal noise during operation. Users often mention that it’s relatively quiet compared to some other types of rowing machines, especially those with air or water resistance systems. 

3. Stamina BodyTrac Rower Can Store Under Some Beds:

A third option is the Stamina BodyTrac Glider. You’ll need about 19″ of clearance under your bed for this rower, so it may fit under beds that are higher off the ground.

That said, most of the equipment is not as tall, and the seat measures about 11″ from the ground. So, you may be able to fit most of this rower underneath a bed with 12″ clearance – except for the end with the small monitor.

  1. Ergonomic Comfort: The BodyTrac Glider provides moderate ergonomic comfort. Its molded seat and adjustable arms aim to offer a comfortable rowing experience. However, some users may find the seat less cushioned compared to larger, more expensive rowers, impacting comfort during longer workouts.
  2. Stability During Exercise: Many users find the BodyTrac Glider stable for their workouts. However, due to its compact size and design, taller or heavier people may not feel completely secure on this piece of equipment.
  3. Noise Level: The BodyTrac Glider is typically quieter than many other rowing machines due to its hydraulic resistance system. While it generally produces less noise during use, you may still notice some minimal sound originating from the resistance mechanism and the movement of the seat. For instance, the swishing of the hydraulic piston might be faintly audible during your workout sessions.

2 More Rowing Machines that May Fit Underneath a Bed:

Fitness Reality Magnetic Rower that Can Fit Under Some Beds

If you have a taller bed with 24″ clearance, there are 2 more rowing machines that you can consider. First is the Fitness Reality Magnetic Rowing Machine. It sits 21.5″ tall.

Also, the Mr Captain Water Rower sits at 22″ tall. These two machines increase your choices to include magnetic and water rowing options.

Keep in mind that the number of “under bed” compact indoor rowers is extremely limited. For instance, most air, water and magnetic rowers have a height of over 24″, even when folded for storage.

Consequently, many people choose models that can lift and stand up vertically. Therefore, you can position them against a wall where they don’t take up much floor space.

Pros & Cons of Indoor Rowers that Can Slide Underneath a Bed:

Indoor rowing machines that can fit underneath a bed for storage offer convenience and space-saving benefits. However, they also come with some drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons:


  1. Space-saving: One of the primary advantages is their ability to be stored conveniently underneath a bed or in a compact space, making them ideal for those with limited room or small living spaces.
  2. Easy accessibility: Being able to store the rowing machine under the bed means it’s readily accessible for workouts without taking up permanent space in a room.
  3. Versatility: Many of these machines are designed to provide a full-body workout, engaging various muscle groups simultaneously. They can help with cardiovascular fitness, strength building, and calorie burning.
  4. Convenience: As they are at arm’s reach, it encourages consistent use. People are more likely to work out regularly if the equipment is easily accessible.


  1. Size limitations: Compact rowing machines often sacrifice some features or size to fit underneath a bed. This might impact the overall user experience, especially for taller or heavier individuals who may find them less comfortable or less stable during workouts.
  2. Reduced features: Some of the smaller rowing machines might lack advanced features or resistance levels compared to larger, standalone models. This limitation could affect the variety and intensity of workouts.
  3. Durability concerns: Compact rowers might have a shorter lifespan or be less robust due to their smaller size and design. They may not withstand heavy or intense use as well as larger, sturdier models.
  4. Comfort issues: These basic models often compromise on comfort, with less ergonomic seating or handles. As a result, they can impact the overall workout experience, particularly during longer exercise sessions.
  5. Weight limit: Small, lightweight rowing machines may have weight restrictions, limiting their use to individuals within certain weight ranges.

When purchasing a compact indoor rower, balance your space constraints with the features and quality you require for your fitness routine. Testing the equipment or researching user reviews can provide insights into the machine’s comfort, durability, and suitability for your needs before you pay any money.


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