5 Reasons I Like the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

If you are looking to save money on a rowing machine that you can use at home but still want a high-quality machine, you may want to check out the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower. It can save you a couple hundred dollars vs the Concept2 rower.

Velocity Exercise Rowing Machine

Why Does the Velocity Magnetic Rower Cost Less?

First off, let me just say that these machines are very similar. Let’s look at the main differences:

  1. Magnetic VS Air Indoor Rowers

    The Velocity Rowing Machine is a magnetic rower, which means that magnets are used to increase and decrease the tension or resistance that we feel as we pull. This differs from the Concept2, which uses an air flywheel system to increase the “tension” (the harder you pull, the faster the flywheel spins, causing more resistance).

    The magnetic system tends to be quieter during exercise, while the air flywheel can create greater resistance for a tougher strength-building workout. Therefore, if you mainly want a cardio workout, you may prefer to get the Velocity, since it can save you money. If you prefer resistance training, the Concept2 would be a better choice.

  2. The Compact Rowing Machine Doesn’t Take Up Much Space

    Magnetic rowers tend to be smaller than other types of machines, which can be great if you have limited space or want a smaller machine for storing in a closet. As an example, the Velocity rowing machine measures about 80″ long and 20″ wide – in comparison the Concept2 measures about 96″ long and 24″ wide. It’s not a huge difference, but it is significant.

    Another thing to keep in mind about the size of the machine is its weight capacity. The max for the Velocity is 275 lbs, compared 500 lbs max for the Concept2.

    In comparison, recumbent bike rowers and the Lifespan RW1000 typically hold between 250 lbs and 300 lbs.

Features of the Velocity Exercise Rowing Machine
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More Great Features of the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower:

1. This Machine Comes with a Heart Rate Monitor

A nice feature that the Velocity Rower offers for cardio workouts is the included heart rate monitor chest strap. This allows users to monitor their heart rate during intense cardio training workouts.

2. The Velocity Rowing Machine has a Smooth Ride

Most users agree that it offers a smooth and quiet ride, since you don’t have the wind factor that comes with air flywheel style machines. That said, the pull feels less like rowing on water. One type is not necessarily better or worse than the other, just a personal preference and something to keep in mind while deciding.

3. The Magenetic Rower Comes with Built-In Workouts:

The large easy-to-read monitor includes time, count, stroke/minutes, distance, calories, watt and pulse functions. There are also 12 built-in workout programs.

Note: Like most rowing machines, this one has a hard seat. This typically doesn’t bother people who perform sprints or short workouts because the saddle is molded for comfort. However, if you plan on doing longer rows, consider investing in a seat cushion that will relieve pressure on your glutes.

  • Assembled Dimensions: 80″ Long x 20″ Wide x 29″ High
  • Weight Capacity: 275 lbs
  • Machine Weight: 75 lbs
  • Polyurethane Molded Saddle
  • Color Options: Grey or Black
  • Folds for Storage
  • On Sale Now: Click here to buy the magnetic rower


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