Sole SR500 Rower – How to Get Better Workouts at Home

Do you want to get toned and burn a bunch of calories without spending a lot of time working out? The Sole SR500 Rower enables you to do HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) right in your own home.

Sole SR500 Rower for Effective High Intensity Workouts at Home

Plus, you can strengthen all major muscle groups in just 10-30 minutes a day. In other words, you can train upper body, lower body and core – on top of getting a great cardio burn.

Note: Being able to exercise at home not only can save you time, but you can save money on gym memberships and classes. In fact, many people end up working out more because a home rowing machine is so convenient.

Sole SR500 Rowing Machine VS Other Gym Equipment:

Because rowing does not involve high impact movements, you don’t have to worry as much about excess strain on the body. On the other hand, activities like running, jumping or lifting heavy weights can lead to injuries if you over-train.

Sole Fitness makes treadmills, elliptical machines, bikes, climbers, and other heavy duty gym equipment. They use high-quality components and incorporate high-tech features that are designed to last many years with minimal maintenance.

LCD Display Monitor on Sole Indoor Rower Tracks Speed, Distance, Time, Watts, Strokes, Calories BurnedIn addition, the belt drive runs quietly so you don’t make a racket when you workout.

Plus, the full-featured LCD monitor allows you to track your workouts by distance, watts, calories, time, strokes and heart rate. (Connect your own heart rate monitor.)

Note: For this reason, their exercise equipment is not cheap. However, you can save a few hundred dollars compared to a Concept2 Rower when the SR500 goes on sale under $1,000.

The Sole Rowing Machine Comes with 16 Levels of Resistance:

How to Adjust Rower Resistance Level Directly from the HandlebarUnlike most other rowing machines, the SR500 allows you to control the resistance directly from the handlebar. Therefore, you can increase or decrease the intensity of your workout without having to stop and dismount from the rower.

Not only is this feature convenient, but it also makes it super simple to create your own high intensity workouts. For example, increase the resistance level for 60 seconds, and then decrease the resistance for the next 60 to 120 seconds.

Repeat this high-to-low intensity concept 4-8 times, and you’ve completed a very efficient, effective workout. In about 10-25 minutes, you’ve gotten in a full-body strength training plus cardio workout.

Note: Not to mention, HIIT workouts have shown to be more effective at building strength and burning calories that steady-state cardio sessions. Plus, with indoor rowers, you don’t have to worry about high-impact movements that can lead to injuries.

Specs for the Sole SR500 Rower:

  • Dimensions: 97″ Long x 18″ Wide x 38″ Tall
  • Weight: 81 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 515 lbsSR500 Rowing Machine
  • Material: Steel, Aluminum Monorail
  • Resistance: Air & Magnetic
  • 16 Resistance Levels
  • 12 Built-in Workout Programs
  • HR (Heart Rate) Compatible
  • Color: Black
  • Foldable: Yes
  • User Manual (includes assembly instructions)
  • Model #: SR500
  • Manufacturer: Sole Fitness
  • Phone: 866-780-7653
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Rowing Machine

Folding Your Rowing Machine for Easy Storage:

Wheels on Front of Indoor Rowing Machine, So You Can Easily Fold and Roll Your Machine to StorageBy the way, this rower includes 4 adjustable feet, so you can easily level your machine on an un-even floor.

In addition, it comes with 2 wheels on the front. Therefore, you can fold and roll your indoor rower to a closet or corner for convenient storage.


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