Obsidian Surge Water Rower – Is It a Good Value?

Do you want to enjoy an “on-the-water” rowing experience at home – without having to pay for an expensive rowing machine? The Obsidian Surge Water Rower offers a close-to-outdoor experience, yet costs less than $550.

Sunny Health and Fitness Obsidian Surge Water Rower - Lots of Features at a Low Price

The Obsidian Surge costs less than many other water rowers (like the First Degree Fitness Fluid Rower. However, it does not fall short on features.

1. Display Monitor Helps You Get a Better Rowing Workout:

LCD Screen on Fitness Monitor to Track Your Workouts on RowerFirst of all, the unit includes a full-function performance monitor. So, you can track your workout time, distance, strokes, calories burned, pulse rate and more.

This handy LCD display helps you easily track your progress throughout the workout. As a result, it works as a motivator to help you improve your speed, stroke count, distance, etc..

Note: Rowing machines work really well for doing HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training). By incorporating short sprints into your sessions, you can essentially get more exercise in a shorter period of time. (Thus, get a very efficient workout.)

The video below demonstrates how you can do this on your Obsidian Surge. In fact, you can follow along with the instructor and get some useful rowing tips as well. =)

2. Obsidian Surge Rower Compatible with Heart Rate Monitors:

The Obsidian Surge monitor is also compatible with ANT+ heart rate technology. In other words, you can connect it to compatible heart rate watches or monitors that you might have.

This handy function enables you to make your workouts even more effective and efficient. For example, heart rate monitors can tell you your actual effort vs perceived effort.

3. Row More – Without Worrying About Your Equipment:

Third, this indoor rower is designed for strength, durability and comfort. Therefore, you can row for longer periods, and more frequently, without having to worry about adjusting your machine.

For instance, the frame is made of steel, and the feet have stabilizers. So, the rower won’t wobble, and you’ll feel completely stable even during an intense workout.

Obsidian Surge Rowing Machine Features

In addition, the ergonomic seat has a molded AND padded design for extra comfort. As a result, people can row for longer without their butts going numb.

Furthermore, the foot pads and handlebars both have a no-slip design. These simple features make a big difference because you can make your session more intense without worrying about slipping around.

Why Get a Water Rower (VS Magnetic or Flywheel)?

Water rowers offer a unique rowing experience as compared to magnetic or flywheel models. The fluid creates a more realistic feel, plus, you can enjoy the relaxing sound of the water while you row.

Obsidian Surge 500 Water Rowing Machine

The Obsidian Surge rowing machine contains 16 hydro blades that are ultra sturdy and built to last. They provide unlimited resistance, so this equipment works well for both beginners and those at advanced levels.

Plus, you can get the benefit of strength training and an aerobic workout simultaneously. And since water rowers provide a full-body workout, you can burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

Note: This rower does not fold for storage. However, it does have small wheels in the front, so you can lift the back and roll the device to move it near a wall. Then, you can lift the back and store the unit upright. (In fact, the manufacturer recommends storing the rower in this position.)

Sunny Water Rower Dimensions

Specs for the Obsidian Surge Water Rower:


Ergatta Rower with Bluetooth, Internet, Computer Monitor and Heart Rate Connectivity

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