How to Buy a Rowing Machine – 4 Easy Tips to Find the Best

Concept2 Model E Rower and How to Buy a Rowing MachineIf you want to buy a rowing machine, there are lots of products to choose from, different models, features, options, etc.. Testing out a few different types, either at a local store or your gym, is ideal for getting a true feel of how a piece of fitness equipment works for you.

That said, rowers can be very similar – their main differences being their features, functions, price and durability. Knowing what you’re looking for before you go price and feature shopping online can save you a lot of time.

Here are Some Things to Think About:

1. How Long and How Often Will You Use Your Indoor Rower?

Do you plan on sharing your equipment with other people or using it frequently? Do you think you will use it for a long time or potentially want to re-sell it to make some of your investment back? Look for a durable piece of equipment that does not require a lot of maintenance then.

Companies that make good equipment, like Concept 2 Rowing Machines, develop a good reputation by making their customers satisfied. Look for products that have lots of customer testimonials with high ratings. This will tell you a lot.

How to Buy a Rowing Machine that Costs More but Saves You Money:

Many used Concept2 rowers sell for more than new rowing machines from competing brands. Therefore, if a person ever decides to sell his Concept2, he can make a much of his investment back on the resale. Thus, making his initial purchase actually inexpensive. You can compare rowing machines here.

In addition, keep in mind that rowing machines work virtually every large muscle group simultaneously, making them very cost effective. Not many pieces of exercise equipment can do that.

2. Do You Want Easy-to-Move or Portable Workout Equipment?

concept2 folded for storageWill you always use your equipment in one location? Do you think you may use it outside? Would you like the ability to easily move the equipment from room to room in your home – to watch a TV show or look out a window?

Many people don’t consider this before making a purchase, but it can actually make a big difference in how much you use (and enjoy using) your equipment. Even recumbent bike/rowers take up very little floor area, and you can easily lift and roll them out of the way.

Of course, your fitness results depend directly on how much you use your rower, so the key is to make it as easy, convenient and fun as possible. Equipment portability plays a big role here, so think about it.

3. What About Rowing Machine Maintenance Costs?

Get a machine that does not need a lot of maintenance or replacement parts on a regular basis. This is where home gym equipment gets expensive, and you don’t find out until it’s too late.

Some home rowing machines require minimal maintenance – even with high use. And of course, less maintenance and repairs means less downtime where you can’t use your machine. In fact, see how simple and cheap it is to clean a rowing machine.

4. Is There a Way to Save Money on an Indoor Rower?

Since rowing machines can cost a lot up front, use a credit card to make the purchase, Specifically, a card that rewards you with points or cash back. This may seem like a small savings, but on big purchases it can add up.

Alternatively, the Lifespan RW1000 offers a great low price on their rowing machine worth taking advantage of.


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