Xterra Water Rower – High-End Features at a Lower Price

Do you want an indoor rowing machine with the soothing sound and feel of rowing on a lake? The Xterra Water Rower is an impressive piece of fitness equipment, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy one…

Xterra Water Rower

Get a Higher-End Rowing Machine for a Fraction of the Price:

Note: This Xterra waterrower has the premium design and feel of a high-end machine. However, it only costs about half the price.

For example, the larger sized seat has a special contoured design (and padding) for additional comfort. Especially for longer workout sessions, this feature can really make a difference.

Furthermore, you can quickly adjust the foot pads and straps to fit snugly to your feet. Plus, they flex as you row back and forth for ultimate comfort.

I also like the padded handlebar because it is easy to grip. The handle has a comfortable diameter, and the padding make the bar less slippery and easier to grip when you get sweaty.

In the video below, you can check out all of these upgraded design features, plus experience the meditative water sound…

Note: By the way, the steel frame features dual aluminum slide rails. This translates to a smoother glide with less machine sound. =)

Why I Like this Water Rower’s Monitor:

Xterra Rower ConsoleIn my opinion, fitness equipment monitors play a big role in the effectiveness of my workouts.

First of all, theses trackers help me monitor my progress. Therefore, I stay more motivated to workout consistently.

For example, I want to see if I can match or beat yesterday’s time. Plus, can I reach my rowing distance goal for the month? It gets kindof fun. =)

Second, tracking my pace and distance helps me push myself harder (even when no one else is looking). In other words, something as simple as an LCD monitor helps me burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

Note: On the Xterra Fitness Waterrower, you can follow total time, 500M time, strokes per minute, distance traveled, calories burned and more. Plus, you can easily see the 5.5″ screen while you row.

The Advantages of Water Rowers:

The multi-bladed impeller not only provides water resistance, it creates peaceful, relaxing sounds as it moves. In addition, you get the more realistic feeling of paddling through water.

Although you may not feel like you’re relaxing during a strenuous workout, the swishing water also helps with mindset and focus.

Xterra Water Rowing Machine

Note: Just like other indoor fitness rowers, the Xterra delivers a full body workout in less time because you work arms and legs together. Not to mention, you can build strength, flexibility, burn calories and increase aerobic capacity all simultaneously.

Specs for the Xterra Water Rower ERG600W:

Xterra Rower Standing Upright for Storage

  • Dimensions: 80.7″ Long x 22″ Wide x 33″ Tall
  • Seat Height from Floor: 13.5″ Tall
  • Machine Weight: 83.7 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Material: Solid Steel Frame
  • Dual Aluminum Slide Rails (quiet)
  • 6 Resistance Levels
  • Stands for Storage: 33″x22″ Footprint
  • Includes 2 AA Batteries to Power Console
  • Built-in HR receiver (chest strap sold separately)
  • Model #: ERG600W
  • Manufacturer: Xterra
  • Phone: 870-336-4286
  • Where to Buy the Xterra Rowing Machine


ERG600W vs the ERG650W Water Rowing Machine

In short, the ERG650W Water Rower is a more advanced version of the ERG600W. It has a few upgraded features that you may like better, or you may not care.

Xterra ERG650W Water Rower with Built-in Workouts, Greater Resistance and 350 lb Weight CapacityFirst of all, the 650W offers more resistance with its angled water tank. Therefore, if you want to progress to a tougher workout, you’ll like this model better.

Second, the 650W includes 15 built-in workout programs. So, if you don’t like planning your own workouts and want the machine to tell you want to do, choose the ERG650W.

Third, the 650W has a higher weight capacity (350 lbs vs 300 lbs). Plus, the seat sits 1.5 inches higher off the ground.

ERG600W vs ERG220 Fitness Rower:

Alternatively, Xterra makes a cheaper magnetic rowing machine called the ERG200 rower. It has a more compact frame, sits lower to the ground and costs about $200 less.

However, you don’t get the large, multi-featured console display or the water resistance. For people who plan on rowing occasionally as part of their exercise routine, the fitness rower gives you a money-saving option.


Ergatta Rower with Bluetooth, Internet, Computer Monitor and Heart Rate Connectivity

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